The Challenge

This is my first post so, let me say:

Hello everybody, and welcome!


So, what is this new site about?


Well, it is a huge challenge for me! And I am sure, for at least 75% of the internet fellows!

Thew main goal is…

Making Money Without Money!


So, putting it in other words, “to money from zero” budget! That is what gave the name of this blog. To make money online, is probably the most desired activity nowadays. However, in ten years of internet, I came to realise that most people fail to do so. Most of them, blame the lack of money, huge debts, and the like. Now, I am myself in this situation. And I want to show my story to people that are just like me, from many perspectives.

The solution I found is to prove that zero budget online startup is actually doable.

What am I relying on? I’ll tell you in another article.

There are many other goals than that, but this is the main goal.

What is the story behind this idea?

Well, that really is a story!

But it is a long one, and we both are in hurry!




My name is Stanescu Serban. I am born in 1959, so I am over 50. I graduated in 1988 the Thechical University Bucharest, Romania, Metallurgy. In 1992, I found that I studied 4 years in an University just for having the idea what this is… Metallurgy in Romania was sinking, like Titanic, back in 1912… In 1995, I chose as my new career computers. I was 36. Now, I have 15 years in computers and 10 years of internet. I have many other RESOURCES, but I lack money at this time.

So, what?

That is, briefly, the story!


You will find here something like a diary. I will write here step by step, what I am doing.

First goal:

Make my first euro online, in 30 days or less.



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